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Our Values

Our Values

Vision - Passion - Expression

Since its creation in spring of 2005, MargotCamille has been growing as a brand. We have revealed and defined our story through a fine product, which seems almost impossible to articulate without sharing an experience, a feeling, a love story.

MargotCamille is committed to convey its message from the source.  


We are constantly taking responsibility in elevating our brand in the marketplace and connecting to more people. We believe that our brand's image is the result of a collective effort between our products, manufacturers, craftsmanship, service and clientele - making it a family affair. 


We intend to enlighten and inform our extended family on our unique spirit and beliefs present in every product that carries the name MargotCamille. 


We selected the best materials and craftsmanship to make our eyewear collection. 

We hope your overall experience will inspire you to share our values.  




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