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About us

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Who We Are

Vision - Passion - Expression


Margot & Camille Optique provides a complete experience centered on fine eyewear that emphasizes unique expression. Day by day we aim to exceed expectations in our clients’ hearts and minds by creating an unrivaled service they come to anticipate, rely on and want realized again and again.


Since its opening in Spring 2005, Margot & Camille Optique consistently offers distinct products recognized by their quality, beauty, and more specifically, the way they look and the overall messages they convey. The powerful result we create for each of our clients distinguishes us from the crowded and competitive marketplace. 


By connecting with each client individually and going beyond their expectations, we create a retreat from the noise of the eyewear industry. When reinventing their self-expression, our clients demonstrate being empowered.


We inspire discerning individuals with our set of passions for high-end eyewear transferred from the fine manufacturers and designers, creating a collective pursuit of "Art de Vivre".  It is a shared promise of unique experiences that enriches the spirit and awakens the senses of our valued clients, showing them how wonderful the outlook of life can be with fine eyewear.


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