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This pandemic had a tremendous financial impact on small businesses. 

As a micro-business, MargotCamille was too, left without any financial aid.

Yet, thanks to our landlord efforts, we will be re-opening for business when, or just before, Philadelphia enters the green phase.  We are optimistic about being back in business no later than July 6th, 2020.

Until then, we are preparing our location to be safe and responding to pandemic prevention codes which unfortunately involve some new expenses and unexpected labor.

Many of our customers have voiced their commitment to come back and shop with us. Thank you for reaching out; your kind words help us to go through emotionally, and rebuild our confidence in being in business again; we now can envision a realistic opening date. It would help us so much in rebuilding faster and secure some type of working capital, if you were to consider getting a MargotCamille gift card today, to use for your upcoming purchase.


Feel free to invite your friends to subscribe to our email list for updates, opening dates, and schedule their appointment online. Even if they are not wearing glasses or usually shop at a different price point,  we are reopening with many small price items so anyone will be able to use their gift card. 


Thank you so much for sticking with us. We look forward to supporting each other during these recovering and challenging times.


Valerie, Margot, Camille. 

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